Impact of Transportation on the Region

February 14, 2017
Written by: CREW-St. Louis
CREW members and guests enjoyed lunch and a presentation from four major regional leaders from the airport, freight way and Metro regarding the ways transportation impacts real estate and development. Held at the Moto Museum off Olive Street, the St. Louis leaders also discussed how they are positioning our region for future growth through its various transportation systems.

Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, Director of Airports at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, emphasized the past and future growth of the air sector, including livestock as a potential new form of air freight. In addition, Hamm-Niebruegge discussed how the airport experienced 1.2 million in passenger growth last year and will continue to expand with four additional Southwest gates. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a front-page story in its business section on the airport's latest initiatives and growth.

Katie Seibel, a Commercial Loan Officer with Central Bank of St. Louis, comments, "I was very interested in Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge's presentation regarding the airport's recent growth initiatives - USDA live animal charters, a new local restaurant and adding gates for Southwest."

Jessica Mefford-Miller, Assistant Executive Director of Transit Planning and System Development, along with Liza Farr, Associate Project Manager, spoke on behalf of Bi-State Development. Mefford-Miller and Farr explained the major ongoing and future transit-oriented developments occurring in the region. Several of the projects discussed include the City Foundry& Food Hall ($340 million investment) and the SSM Health SLU Academic Medical Center ($550 million investment). The two Bi-State Development employees also referenced the redevelopment of the old Armory building in Midtown ($47.1 million investment), which is one of the many Green Street St. Louis projects.

Mary Lamie, Executive Director with the St. Louis Regional Freight District, described progress in the freight industry. She addressed the freight district's role in enhancing the region's standing as a premier international freight hub. Lamie also outlined the resources available to the public for obtaining information on current, on-going and future transportation developments. One significant resource mentioned was its new website at

Mallorie Owens with Midwest Retail Properties adds, "Kudos to the event organizers for curating such a knowledgeable panel of women who are effecting real change and growth for the St. Louis community and Bi-state region. Their discussion sheds light on the fact that the picture is much larger than a few mixed-use developments breaking ground in 2017."

Owens continues, "Transportation and transit are truly the backbone of our community, and I believe the luncheon served as a wonderful opportunity for those of us in commercial real estate to understand our role in this mutually beneficial relationship as St. Louis develops and grows."

Katie Siebel adds, "As always, CREW delivered terrific presenters to speak on the transportation environment in St. Louis and how it drives commercial real estate opportunities in the region."

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