Coffee with CREW
Perks Up Membership

May 5, 2017
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Attendees at the Coffee with CREW gatherings on April 7 and May 5 started off their day with breakfast and some food for thought on what CREW-St. Louis offers to potential members. Held at the Nadoz Café on Brentwood Boulevard, the chapter's Membership Committee and other members meet on the first Friday of each month to provide individuals interested in the organization an opportunity to learn more about CREW-St. Louis.

Melody Cooper, Project Manager with Gray Design Group and Co-chair of the Membership Committee, adds, "Coffee with CREW has been a success since we started in February. Our committee members rotate each month to represent CREW and meet with prospective members who are interested in joining CREW. We have received several new members as a result of this effort. Our goal is to educate local business men and women of the benefits in joining our great organization.

Guest Dominique Novelly, Associate at CBRE, comments, "I really enjoyed getting coffee with the CREW ladies! It was fun chatting and felt refreshingly informal. I look forward to attending more events."

"Coffee with CREW gave me a great opportunity to see inside the organization!" says new CREW-St. Louis member Annalise Smith, Sales Manager at Facilitec. "The CREW members shared the success they have had by being a part of a committee, attending various events, and the connections they have made. Most importantly, the member attendees extended a welcoming hand to be a guiding mentor throughout our industry."

Lauren Berry with Gershman Commercial Real Estate notes, "Coffee with CREW is such a critical event for recruiting new members. The organization has so much to offer to all individuals in commercial real estate. I hope when I share the wonderful experiences I have had with CREW-St. Louis, it will encourage others to join and pay it forward once they become members."

Cooper invites anyone interested in membership and encourages current members to spread the word to prospective members. "If you are considering a membership with CREW-St. Louis, please join us for our next Coffee with CREW from 7:30-8:30 a.m. on the first Friday of every month at Nadoz Café in Brentwood!"