Power of CREW: Dine Arounds

May 20, 2017
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Dine Arounds: Epicurean Events

"We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink,” said Epicurus, a Greek philosopher. His thoughts sum up the value and time-honored tradition of the chapter’s Dine Arounds. These informal gatherings combine the best of both worlds – friendship and food.

Whether you prefer gourmet food or a hearty breakfast, several options are available from Aug. 7 to Aug. 18.Simply sign up for the one or two that best suit your taste buds and schedule. And no matter if you’ve been a member for a few months or several years, you’ll certainly find these dining events feed the body and the soul.
“Dine Arounds are one of my favorite CREW-St. Louis experiences,” says Tracy Howren, vice president, commercial lending officer at UMB Bank. “The small group format allows for great conversation and builds deeper connections with fellow members. They also provide an opportunity to gain insights on the industry as you hear unique experiences and viewpoints from your colleagues. I always look forward to these events!”
The Dine Arounds give new members more than a place at the table. “As a recent new member, I found the Dine Arounds last year particularly helpful in meeting other members in a smaller, more personal environment,” says Lauren Berry, associate at Gershman Commercial Real Estate. “It was great to gather advice on how to get more involved from veteran members, and I still hold relationships today with those members I met at last year’s event.”
Long-standing members find the Dine Arounds are the perfect way to build relationships. “I have attended many Dine Arounds,” says Karen Karwoski, a member since 2005 and senior vice president at Simmons Bank. “I always manage to meet a member that I didn’t know and got to know them much better after the event. I highly recommend that members attend these events no matter if they are a long-time or new member. After all, we pride ourselves on networking; Dine Arounds offer just that...and more.”
Ann Schmelzle, a past president of the chapter and vice president, brokerage for Balke Brown Transwestern, agrees. "Dine Arounds are a great way to network with other CREW members in a more intimate setting. CREW programs are great, but you don’t always have time to really talk about business opportunities or learn more about your fellow members both professionally and personally.”
As Pam Boelhauf, director of marketing and public relations for Colliers St. Louis, says, “The smaller setting allows us to carry on more detailed conversations and engage more personally than at some of the larger networking events.”
Dine Arounds follow the advice of Epicurus. Now, all you need to do is decide where and what to eat!