President's Message for May 2017

May 1, 2017
Written by: Angie Earlywine

Greetings fellow CREW-St. Louis members,

I hope this message finds you high and dry, and I definitely mean that in a literal sense. We can only pray that the recent flooding that has devastated parts of our region is not a sign of a new normal. We surely welcome a change to sunnier days ahead.

I wanted to share an update on an important effort impacting your Chapter: the progress of our 5-year Strategic Plan.  We began this effort last year under the leadership of Rome Group, a consultant to many organizations. This five-year plan will shape your chapter's vision heading into 2020. 

The Executive and Advisory Boards aid in driving the goals identified in the Strategic Plan. There are five major goals in our Strategic Plan:

      Goal 1:   Double our membership within 5 years.   Progress: When we started the Strategic Plan at the end of 2015 we were at 157 members, and now stand at 185 members. To accomplish this goal by 2020, we would need to be at 314 members so we are well on target to meet this objective. 

     Goal 2:  Increase membership engagement through diverse, relevant programs that appeal to current and prospective members.  Progress: Attendance is up at our events, and many non-members are joining our Chapter after attending an event.

     Goal 3:  Diversify our revenues.   Progress: We have shifted from a no-profit approach to building some profit into our events and programs. This provides critical funding for additional member benefits, college scholarships, CREW Network Foundation, and to offset the cost of signature level speakers. Chapter sponsorship levels remain at an all-time high, exceeding planned revenue targets for two consecutive years.

     Goal 4:  Raise CREW's brand awareness.  Progress: We are in the process of updating our website and brand, we have a renewed focus on social media, and leverage media involvement by encouraging media outlets and reporters to attend and cover our events. Additionally, our messaging carries a consistent graphic look, and we continue to reach out to prospective members through digital and social media.

     Goal 5:  Ensure CREW leadership is functioning at its highest capacity.  Progress: We are developing roles and responsibilities for all Board positions and are defining the role of each Committee. 

As part of the development of our Strategic Plan, we also created a Strategy Screen or "filter" to determine which new ideas, activities or decisions are in the best interest of our chapter based on our goals and objectives. The strategy screen uses these questions as the filters for decisions:

  • Is it a good use of resources: Do we have the time, talent/expertise, and treasure necessary?
  • Does it engage our membership in a meaningful way?
  • Is it relevant to our members and the industry?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Does it raise the profile of CREW-St. Louis: Does it advance our brand?
  • Does it promote chapter growth and diversity?
  • Does it align with CREW Network Gold Standard Chapter Standards or best practices?

The final yet most important filter is that it must meet our mission: CREW-St. Louis advances, educates and supports women to influence the Commercial Real Estate industry.

We continue to make significant progress in achieving these goals. We welcome your feedback on how we can sustain your Chapter's success and remain the premier real estate organization in the St. Louis region.

Highest regards,

Angie Earlywine
2017 CREW-St. Louis President
Principal & Director of Workplace Strategy and Design
Forum Studio

P.S. Make An Impact! Please join us for the 21st Annual CREW-St. Louis Golf Tournament on July 25 at Norwood Country Club. Whether you play, volunteer or do both, you'll see why this is the industry's premier golf and networking event.