Annual Dine-Arounds Carry On Great Tradition

August 20, 2017
Written by: CREW-St. Louis
Nothing like a good meal and lively conversation to further unite people. And that’s exactly what took place during our annual Dine-Arounds held from August 7-18.

One of our chapter’s greatest traditions, members took the opportunity to network in smaller, more casual groups. They also enjoyed many of the area’s fine restaurants while having fun and connecting with other members. As a result, this is the favorite event of the year for many members.In fact, tables were filled more than 150 times with members who took part in the Dine-Arounds.

The 30 Dine-Arounds doubled the number of events over last year. These were held at varying times of the day - breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner. Hosts selected venues such as Billy G's in Kirkwood, The Barn in Crestwood, Rosalita's in Des Peres, Felix's in Dogtown, The Shack in Frontenac, Rock and Brews in Chesterfield, Avenue in Clayton, Nixta in South City, Tin Roof Downtown and many others. This gave members many opportunities to find the right time and place to enjoy time with their colleagues.

“We really wanted to take feedback from last year’s attendees and apply it to this year for a better turnout and experience” says Erin Torney, Ambassador Committee Co-Chair and host of a breakfast Dine Around. “We intentionally expanded the number of Dine-Arounds offered this year to ensure members could attend at least one. Instead of 15 Dine-Arounds in one week, we held 30 over the span of two weeks this year.”

Torney also discussed other goals and changes from last year, including a mix of locations and smaller Dine-Arounds.

“In addition to more options, we also strived to host at a variety of locations for added convenience for attendees. Furthermore, we received favorable reviews last year on the smaller Dine-Arounds, as it made talking with others much easier and allowed the entire table to interact.” 

Megan Woods, host of the Bonefish Grill happy hour, adds, “Dine-Arounds gave me the opportunity to meet other members in a smaller, more relaxed setting.”

 “I love Dine-Arounds! The smaller group format is such a wonderful way to get know other members, and there are plenty of options to meet your schedule,” says Michelle Yates, host of a happy hour at Nixta. “We had a great time at Nixta, and even torrential downpours couldn’t keep us from our Dine-Around!”

While each Dine-Around had its unique conversations, one common thread was a Community Service Committee representative on hand to provide an update on the great work that CREW Network Foundation provides to support women in commercial real estate. This included information on the current chapter challenge, which sets a goal to have half of our members donate to CREW Network Foundation »

In addition to vital research, CREW Network Foundation also provides scholarships and Career Outreach programs.

One of the CREW Network Convention Scholarship winners, Lauren Berry, notes, “I am so glad someone pointed out the CREW Network Convention Scholarship. I was not aware of such scholarships before I attended Angie Earlywine’s Dine-Around at Rosalita’s in Des Peres. Angie explained the scholarship and informed everyone there was still one available. I quickly applied for the scholarship thereafter and actually was one of the recipients!”

Michelle Miller, host of the breakfast Dine-Around at the Shack in Frontenac, explained that the six attendees spent a great deal of time talking about the foundation and its benefits. “The group also discussed different ways to get involved in CREW along with the benefits of CREW as a whole,” she notes. “The overall feedback on CREW was very positive, complimenting the Dine-Arounds program along with the monthly programs offered. It appeared many new connections were made throughout all of the Dine-Arounds this year. Everyone seemed to have a blast, and I’m excited to see what next year’s Dine-Arounds have to offer.”