January Summary
Creating Your Personal Brand to Promote Your Best Self

January 26, 2018
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Creating Your Personal Brand to Promote Your Best Self

More than 100 CREW-St. Louis members and guests enjoyed lunch and a presentation from WILLO LLC Co-founder Nancy Droesch on how to align your personal brand to change the perception of others to promote your best self.

Held at the Saint Louis Club on Jan. 9, the 2018 CREW-St. Louis President, Lynn T. Goessling, kicked off the event by discussing a few 2017 accomplishments, including 52 new members and counting, along with the chapter's first administrator, Darcie Carney with Weintraub Advertising.

Goessling went on to explain several chapter goals for 2018, such as the CREW Network Foundation Challenge, which involves accomplishing a chapter donation of $1,000, 100% Board participation and donations from 50% of chapter members.

Following the 2018 Chapter President’s recap of 2017 and 2018, Nancy Droesch discussed ways to create and enhance your unique brand through consistently and deliberately living your brand through your presence, behaviors, communications and management style.

Annalise Smith with FGM Architects comments, “One of the best lessons learned throughout the Personal Branding event was the power any individual can have if they are aware and know their best strengths. Your brand should be consistent throughout your behavior and easily identified, because in the end, you may have only a few moments to affect another human being’s opinion of you!

Christine Beck, 2018 Co-Chair of the Programs Committee, adds, “Nancy Droesch did an excellent job. Guests remained engaged throughout the presentation and participated in an active group Q&A at its conclusion. Everyone I spoke with after the event was very pleased and impressed with Nancy’s thought-provoking presentation.”

Beck continues, “I was intrigued to learn about WILLO LLC as a firm and their combined 70 years of business experience. Their methods for presenting to large groups, such as body polls and small group discussions, were a great way to engage the whole group and encourage participation. For smaller groups, they promote interactive discussion to solicit discovery of the material rather than relying solely upon lecture. I would be very interested to hear more about the various other topics they present.”

 “After listening to the presentation, I realized branding is not just for companies and products. Promoting your personal brand can help you get stretch assignments, be considered for leadership development opportunities, and attract mentors and sponsors,” states Vicki Dolan with Gershman Commercial Real Estate. Dolan adds, “I appreciated how Droesch shared relevant personal stories and real-life examples to illustrate key messages and solicit audience participation. These emphasized the key messages.”