Workplace Strategy: Where The Magic Happens

May 17, 2018
Written by: CREW-St. Louis
CREW-St. Louis members and guests gathered on April 10 to learn more about workplace strategy, its importance and how it can be executed.
The program was held at Watlow Electrical Manufacturing, an appropriate setting since the company recently underwent a recent workplace strategy design and implementation. Four panelists shared their expertise and experiences: Angie Earlywine, Principal and Director for Workplace Strategy for BatesForum; Brad Burrows, North America Strategy Manager and Senior Workplace Design Strategist for Haworth; Lynn Majewski, Facilities Manager for the Enterprise Holdings IT Campuses at Lakeside and Weldon Spring; and Chris Gaffney, Director of Information Technology for Watlow Electric.
The panelists provided an interesting twist since they paired off in working together. Earlywine and Majewski worked together to implement workplace strategy at a new campus for Enterprise Holdings. Burrows and Gaffney collaborated on the workplace strategy for the Watlow Electrical Manufacturing building. Earlywine and Burrows shared their expertise on the art of Workplace Strategy, while Majewski and Gaffney attested to the increased support of various work styles, diverse people and well-being of employees at their respective redesigned facilities.
Those in attendance received a better understanding of workplace strategy. Earlywine described workplace strategy as the art of understanding the goals of a business and creating an environment that will support all the great work they do. “People are the highest cost so making them successful at what they do is important,” Earlywine emphasized. “The second highest cost is real estate, then technology. Aligning all three is where the magic happens.” 
Attendees then toured the beautifully renovated Watlow Electrical Manufacturing facility. The tour allowed attendees to see exactly how workplace strategy can put the proverbial face to a name. The facility is truly magnificent!
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