CREW-St. Louis Takes Amazing Tour of Transformed Gateway Arch Grounds

May 17, 2018
Written by: CREW-St. Louis
Members of CREW-St. Louis were given a personal tour of the newly transformed Gateway Arch National Park grounds, from the riverfront up to the redesigned Kiener Plaza.

Members went into two groups with personal guides. Each group walked the paved paths, caught sight of the new plant life throughout the area, peaked at the many new additions to the park grounds and were given detail after detail by their guides: Anna Leavey, Gateway Arch Park Foundation (GAPF) Director of Construction, and Vern Remiger, GAPF Owner’s Representative and President of Remiger Design.

“Today's CREW-St. Louis event touring the new Arch grounds was amazing,” says Shane Harris, Director of Business Development for G&W Engineering. “Vern did an excellent job showing us the beautiful new Arch grounds, explained so many little details. I can’t even remember them all. It was nice to walk around downtown and see all of the new upgrades. The turnout was great, too and so many fun CREW-St. Louis members stuck around to have drinks and network.”

The $380 Million renovation of the former Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, now known as the Gateway Arch National Park, is expected to improve the Arch experience by providing visitors with more opportunities and options to encourage them to stay downtown longer. Even a half-day longer could cause a dramatic impact on the city’s economic growth, Leavey says.

Amanda Norris, new member, attended the tour, her second CREW-St. Louis event. “There have been a lot of tours and talks about the Arch project but I haven’t had a chance to attend any until this CREW-St. Louis event,” says Norris, who is a lead architect with Core10 Architecture. “I’m very glad I was able to attend because it was insightful. Having Vern and Anna as our presenters really gave a full behind the scenes understanding of the whole process.”
After the tours, members were provided an in-depth presentation from Leavey and Remiger with more information about the Arch project and the museum. Work continues at the Old Courthouse, which is the project’s next phase.  
“As a St. Louis native and someone who has worked downtown for more than 25 years, this transformation just blows me away,” says Lynn Goessling, CREW-St. Louis president and Partner with SmithAmundsen. “It is absolutely gorgeous.”
With the grand opening of the new Museum at the Gateway Arch on July 3 and the return of Fair St. Louis to the grounds on July 4, GAPF continues to add more events and activities every day. For more information about upcoming events and how to become a member, check out Gateway Arch Park Foundation.