President's Message

November 26, 2018
Written by: Lynn Goessling

Greetings fellow CREW-St. Louis members,

Disrupt! What a powerful yet formidable word. The theme for this year’s initiatives, though, really focused on the power aspect. Yes, we dedicated 2018 as a way to continue our mission as a transformative force in the industry. 
Looking back, I’m proud of what we have achieved in this pursuit, and equally encouraged as we move forward to disrupt by working together to advance, educate and support women to influence this great industry.
Our Mentorship Program serves as a keystone initiative in this pursuit. While this has always been a critical component of membership, we moved forward by establishing a formal framework. This pilot program shows that we can do more when we serve each other. It’s a powerful way to Counsel, Reward, Elevate Women.
Many thanks to Karen Karwoski and her task force for spearheading this program. It indeed will continue to demonstrate the Power of CREW in the years to come. Please watch your inbox for more information as we expand the Mentorship Program in 2019.
We also just gathered for our Third Annual Signature Event. What an evening to remember our past, our present and our future.
With nearly 170 members, industry professionals and guests present, we heralded one of our longtime leaders. Wendy Timm was honored with the CREW-St. Louis Lifetime Achievement Award. As one of the first CREW-St. Louis members, Wendy serves as a leading example of disrupting the industry through her leadership and accomplishments. And everyone in that audience was moved by the words of her daughter, Anne Brummett, a member of CREW Denver, on Wendy’s personal impact on family and friends.
To top it off, Marsha Petrie Sue entertained and motivated the crowd with her words to become the Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness. We all have a choice when confronted with challenges: Take It. Leave It. Or Change It. I believe we opt to disrupt by choosing to Change It!
In March, we gathered for our 13th Annual CREW-St. Louis Networking Awards. All the recipients certainly reflected this year’s theme of Disrupt by demonstrating leadership and success in advancing the influence of women in our industry.
I also know that our 22nd Annual Golf Classic in July demonstrated our influence on the industry. Sell-out on the course. Overflowing networking dinner. Funds raised for the CREW Network Foundation. By the way, this tournament started when Wendy Timm served as chapter president in 1999. It now rates as the industry’s premier networking event.
Needless to say, we held successful programs at significant developments – Gateway Arch and Top Golf – and on relevant topics – tax reform, workplace strategy and diversity. Way to go Programs Committee!
Our highly successful DineArounds took on new meaning with expanded offerings during the summer and then a full line-up in October. Plus, we added informal, smaller DineArounds every month thanks to the Ambassadors Committee.
All of these initiatives do not go unnoticed. We enlisted more than 50 new members this year, with nine newcomers under consideration in November alone! We now stand well above the 200 mark in members wanting to advance our mission.
We have accomplished so much thanks to the hard work and dedication of so many. I could go on so I know that I have missed so many who have done so much. All of our committees and leadership team have all contributed to this, so my heartfelt thanks for your efforts, your talent and your passion.  
In short, together, we Disrupt. Together, we Change It!
Best Regards,
Lynn T. Goessling

2018 CREW-St. Louis President
Partner, SmithAmundsen
“I’m emotional about CREW-St. Louis and what it has meant to me and my peers
in making an impact on our region’s commercial real estate industry.
Wendy Timm