Power of CREW

January 28, 2019
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Intrepid Board Meets and Retreats

Neither snow nor rain could keep the executive board and its advisory board from their appointed retreat on Jan. 11. Well, at least a shortened retreat as St. Louis prepared for Snowmageddon. A wise choice indeed since the weather was as advertised with as much as a foot of snow dumped on the region, forcing some commuters to spend a cold night in their cars.
Michelle Yates, 2019 President, and her executive board team carefully weighed when the weather would hit and abbreviated the agenda to ensure all could make it home safely.
It still gave time to hear from Mary Kutheis, an executive business coach, who discussed the keys to getting more done and finding happiness by taking control of your career. Mary discussed the importance of establishing Core Values to determine decisions and to lay the groundwork for contentment rather than complacency.
As part of her presentation, attendees listed daily activities and then filled out a module to see how much time was spent on everything from work to sleep, from eating to exercising. To no one’s surprise, it’s easy to fill up a 24-hour period and then some. Managing those minutes matters so Mary gave each attendee a copy of her book, Making Minutes Matter.
Michelle then introduced this year’s theme: Aspire, which dovetails with the Chapter’s mission. Stay tuned throughout the year as we continue to advance, educate and support women to influence the commercial real estate industry.
Incoming board members received an orientation as well. This included an overview of the board structure and some basic responsibilities of and expectations from board members.
As the snow started to fall, the day’s retreat ended with an overview of the chapter’s strategic plan and the next steps in meeting the goals over the coming year.
The more than 20 past and present future board members ended their day by taking to the roads just in the nick of time. The commute may have been long for some but no one spent the night stuck on I-44 or I-64, or as native St. Louisans call it, Highway Farty!