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November 19, 2019
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Need for Speed . . . Networking

“If you are not networking, you’re not working”, said Dennis Waitley. And oh, did we work on Tuesday, Nov. 12!

Held at Working Spaces, the Speed Networking program drew an overwhelming show of members from all over the St. Louis and Southern Illinois area. Approximately 80 members participated. Whether it was to check out Working Spaces’ beautiful new showroom, meet new people, find out more about CREW-St. Louis, or all of the above, the event was a success!

We gathered early for casual networking and fantastic appetizers and beverages. An hour into the evening, Connie Kroenung kicked off the event by directing anyone with a red dot on their name tag to sit at one of the 35 stations positioned around the room. Then, anyone with a green dot on their name tag was to also find a seat at one of the 35 stations. Once seated, members had five minutes to network, ask questions and get to know someone a little better.

When time was up, the person with the green dot rotated to the next station while the person with the red dot stayed at their station. After 45 minutes, everyone had met at least seven new people!

“What a great opportunity to meet so many new faces in one evening!” says Kirsten Malloy, Eddy Design Group, who is one of our newest members. “I enjoyed connecting with fellow CREW-St. Louis members – whether they be those I know or new introductions. I was fortunate enough to meet women in a variety of fields under the Commercial Real Estate umbrella and get a true sense of the community that CREW is known for. A big thank you to CREW and Working Spaces for a wonderful event!”

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