CREW-St. Louis Working From Home

May 26, 2020
Written by: CREW-St. Louis
In this time of working from home CREW-St. Louis shares some of their work stations.

Tracy Howren “Working from home during this time has had its ups and downs but has allowed me to enjoy more time with my family. UMB has a strong work culture which has allowed for great collaboration and teamwork, even outside of the office.”

Kirsten Malloy “While I’ve missed office collaboration and socialization, daylight in my home office and visits from my two furry coworkers have made this time a little easier.”

Jenna Knatt “Here is my reality of WFH! I wear workout pants every day and am lucky if I remembered socks, let alone found a matching pair. I have a private office with a lock on the door, which I’m very thankful for, but I also have kids who can climb well and have found the key! CI Select has made this transition seamless for us all, and I’m thankful I work for this amazing organization who truly loves to see my kids pop into our daily zoom calls.”

Nancy Petersen “Since we aren’t having visitors, I’ve taken over our guest room while working from home!  The queen size bed works great for my files!”

Katie Seibel “I’ve never worked from home, so it’s been an adjustment. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by our efficiency and ability to adapt our processes and stay engaged with coworkers and customers. I will admit, I desperately miss having two computer screens!”

Trish Jensen “Not only do we get to work from home, but I get to share this space with my business partner, AKA my husband, and three teenage boys who keep taking over my work space to zoom their own meetings with school, soccer team and friends!”

Dawn Humphreys “During stay at home, I have moved my office outside whenever possible, which has been a great stress reducer. This Blue Heron decided my koi pond is a buffet. Although it is a beautiful bird (and huge – think pterodactyl!), an emergency net had to be installed over my pond.  I’ve connected with a lot of co-workers and friends about their gardens!” 


Sharon Henderson “Lawrence Group’s IT group really outdid themselves when we began to work from home. Beginning in APRIL, we were all slated to receive, through a methodical and organized manner over several weeks, new laptops with a Citrix environment that would allow us to easily work remotely. COVID-19 provided an ‘opportunity’ to knock that plan on its ear and deploy ALL new hardware and technology over one weekend in MARCH! There were a few hiccups, but only minor. Unlike some, I’m built for WFH – I’m a homebody! We have utilized Teams and GoToMeeting like crazy! I also get a pretty amazing view all day! Although everyone I’m on a video call with thinks I’m in a closet because they don’t see the window. I suppose I am, but… I love my closet!”