Trying Times

May 27, 2020
Written by: CREW St. Louis
There’s no doubt that members miss the networking, educational programs, happy hours and informal get-togethers with CREW-St. Louis members. Such are the sign of the times as everyone has been told that staying apart will keep us together during these crazy, challenging times.

While members understand the circumstances, they simply miss the gatherings, the hugs and handshakes, the smiles and face-to-face conversations that symbolize the connection and power of CREW-St. Louis. But they soldier on, with some words of encouragement filled with hope and thoughts to stay connected as we look forward to the other side of this insidious disease.

“Keep communicating with each other to help each other during this pandemic,” a member says in the recent member survey on COVID-19’s impact on their professional and personal lives.

“Happy to stay connected to CREW members through ongoing committee meetings and informal get-togethers. And very happy not all of the conversations are about COVID-19!” another member quips.

“I have been enjoying market webinars, articles, etc.,” another member notes. “Offering that type of information helps me feel connected,” says another member on how CREW-St. Louis can help its members through these trying times.

And help those in need every way possible, a member notes. “Offer extraordinary networking to those who have been laid off or need additional help right now.” Adds another member, “Making it clear that our membership goes with the person not the company is great!”

Technology provides a great tool to keep us moving forward. “Stay connected in every way possible. Keep the lines of communication open. Web-based programs are a big help,” a member says.

“Set up virtual networking and happy hours with small groups,” a member advises. “These should be like the Dine Arounds but virtual. It would be great to get in front of new people and hear how others are coping and how others are affected.”

Another member offers thanks and optimism. “Appreciate the CREW Network. Thank you for continuing to engage through emails and other methods. Would be nice to have a few in-person meetings.”

We all look forward to the day when we can see each other in person and not on our smart phones or computers. Until then, Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected. Stay hopeful. We will get through this, and CREW-St. Louis will help all of us do so.