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September 27, 2020
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Trivia Night Zooms Ahead

Most members of CREW-St. Louis thought we were going to have a normal trivia night with games, raise some money and enjoy food and drinks like the event from the previous year. However, no one could anticipate what would transpire before the event would even take place. COVID-19 hit the end of March and by April most businesses had shut their doors to clients and most employees were working from home. In-person networking events were getting cancelled left and right, but July was several months away and things would probably be back to normal, or maybe not!

With nothing being certain anymore, the Education and Engagement committee still wanted to have Trivia night in July and was determined to make it happen. Committee member Sarah Luem comments, “We were disappointed when we realized that it was not in the cards for our 2nd annual trivia night to be an in-person event, but our committee quickly realized that we could still find a way to host a fun event that would give us a chance to interact with our fellow CREW-St. Louis members (and raise funds for the CREW Network Foundation). Molly and I had worked with TriviaHub for a virtual trivia night in May and knew they would be able to quickly help us pivot and host a successful virtual event.”

Members either signed up with a team or signed up individually and would be placed on a team. Emails went out a few days before the event letting members know whose team they were on and a few tips and tricks to make the event a success. 

The day came for the event to take place and members began to join the Zoom meeting! After several minutes of covering the rules and name changes to make sure everyone would be placed in the correct break-out Zoom rooms, (who even knew that was a thing!), the rounds began. Not only was there plenty of time to answer the questions in the break-out rooms, but there was time to get to know the other members and do some great networking! 

Katie Seibel says, “I was so impressed by the Education and Engagement committee’s ability to adapt the trivia night into a virtual event. It was such a fun evening and a great way to connect with fellow CREW-St. Louis members. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Even though the evening wasn’t what the Education and Engagements committee had originally planned, it was a fun event that was attended by many members. Katie Flaschar and Brooke Gray’s team from Cushman & Wakefield won with the most fitting name, “All We Do Is Win.” Way to go! 

Molly Mastin sums up the event, “We were thrilled with the success of the virtual trivia night. Not only did we raise money for the Foundation, everyone had a great time!”

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