Where’s Your CREW

July 28, 2021
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Chicken, Lark or Owl?
The Psychology of Self Promotion

On July 22nd, approximately 50 CREW-St. Louis members gathered at the CI Select showroom for a networking happy hour full of drinks (sponsored by Knoll and Shaw Flooring), yummy sandwiches, Ice Shack snow cones (sponsored by milliCare), and some much needed face-to-face conversation. This was the first event ever held by the Communications Committee, and it was a success!

The main event was led by Jerome Kendrick, an operational facilitator for the Special School District of St. Louis County. Jerome was both educational and entertaining. 

He opened the night with scientific facts about cognitive neuroscience and explained how the brain works. To understand how your own brain best operates, you must first recognize if you are a chicken, lark or owl, he explained. “Most people are chickens but even chickens, as they age, become owls.” Identifying “your bird” allows you to better understand your personal peaks, troughs and rebound work phases throughout your day and then know when to be the most productive. As Jerome wrapped up the introduction speech, the audience was all smiles and laughs.

The group, then divided into three rooms around the CI Select Showroom. Each room, or session, had a different guest speaker. 

Session 1 was led by Jerome Kendrick, who further explained his chicken, lark, owl theory. “I love how Jerry schedules the day based on when he will be most productive. His recommendation of taking a one-hour lunch and 20-minute nap each day was right up my alley!” Trish Jensen notes. 

Session 2 was led by Santina Cessor, Knoll’s Dealer Brand Manager who previously ran her own business helping small businesses and individuals with branding. “Santina encouraged us to promote ideas instead of ourselves; to ask questions in order to get others to talk about themselves and their interests, and to share our passions in order to deepen relationships and connections”, Sharon Henderson says. Session 2 really helped everyone understand their own strengths, whether you’re an entertainer, educator or encourager.

In the middle of the showroom, Christy Prashia, Cushman & Wakefield’s Senior Recruiter, led Session 3. Christy spoke to the group from a recruiter’s perspective. She reminded us to be aware of our social presence, start networking before you “need it” and to promote your value more than yourself. 

Each session lasted about 25 minutes, then the groups rotated so everyone had the opportunity to go to each session once. 

“Thank you for hosting such a great event last night. I loved the content of the sessions!” Jennifer Boschert says. There was so much positivity throughout the event, encouraging words, and excitement in everyone’s eyes. 

The night ended with two drawings. Addie Bunting, with Wies Drywall & Construction Corp., won a gift card to Bar Italia. Pamela Hobbs won a one-on-one session with Santina, who will help her self-brand her image! 

“This was a really excellent event! It was fun and educational, and I’ve heard great feedback from so many members”, Erin Torney says. 

The Communications Committee is already discussing the next event topic!