Mustaches, St. Louis Sports and Really Hard Science Questions – It was Trivia Night!

November 22, 2021
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Mustaches, St. Louis Sports and Really Hard Science Questions – It was Trivia Night!


In true CREW-St. Louis form, another Trivia night ended in success! M1 Bank’s Event Space was the perfect location; big, open and came with a huge white wall, perfect for projecting the hard-hitting trivia questions. The Trivia night was not themed, but that did not stop many tables from creating their own theme and dressing up. We saw everything from “Construction Workers” to Team “We’re Googling Everything”, but the “unofficial costume winners” went to the “Famous Foods” at the Lawrence group table.

The fun tables weren’t the only winners. The auctioned prizes were fantastic and ranged from TOC donated art, furniture (CI Select & ColorArt), wine experiences (McKelvey Vineyards) to Kendra Scott jewelry, a Jennifer Mossman photoshoot and self-care packages donated by Vicki Dolan. To win these prizes, participants purchased tickets and then the drawing was done throughout the evening. There was also a 50/50 raffle, which was won by McCarthy’s Erin Valentine. Additionally, there was a fun game towards the end of the night that anyone with a $1 bill could play. Lisa Moehle with the Lawrence Group took home the winning pot, totaling $52. 

However, the big winners of the night, bringing home all bragging rights for the next year were the players at the Cape Sokol table, who were apparently the smartest people in the room! 

Not everyone could be winners, but the fun was had by all. Knoll’s Karey Brown expressed how we all were feeling that evening. “Although I am apparently NOT smarter than a 5th grader, I was smart to connect with CREW.  It was fun to reconnect with so many industry friends!  Trivia night was in a beautiful venue and it was a well-orchestrated event!” 

Special shout out to Cindy Bambini and her amazing homemade Butterscotch Cookies!

CREW-St. Louis’ Trivia night is for fun, but more importantly it is for a great cause. We raised more than $8,000 for CREW Network! 

Erin Valentine summed up the night best when she said, “CREW’s annual trivia night raised the bar yet again on this opportunity for our chapter to raise funds for CREW Foundation. There was a ton of laughter and conversations, great food and drink, interesting costumes, and some folks that actually knew trivia!  Looking forward to next year.”