Power of CREW

February 18, 2022

2022 CREW-St. Louis Strategic Planning 

      CREW-St. Louis Executive Board                         CREW-St. Louis Advisory Board

On Jan. 6, the CREW-St. Louis Executive and Advisory Boards gathered to plan for the year ahead. With another COVID surge underway, a virtual meeting was required, but the group was able to network and enjoy each other’s company anyway! The 2022 leaders of CREW-St. Louis worked to develop a plan for all aspects of the chapter, including monthly event planning, promotion of members, recognition of our sponsors and so much more. 

The CREW-St. Louis Executive Board is gearing up for our Strategic Planning session scheduled for March 3-4 by engaging in a little homework! During our last Board meeting we held a quick brainstorming session to generate a list of the facts and basic data about our current CREW-St. Louis situation. 

The resulting list below provides a perfect baseline summary of our Chapter status. Plus, it’s a real feel-good read about what we have shown we can do together. Enjoy!

  • Hosted 77 events/opportunities to network in 2021 including
    • first young leaders happy hours
    • three small group events – lunch and learns/hikes
    • five Coffee with CREW events
    • two DEI Events
  • A very successful Golf Tourney with 224 registrants
  • A Signature event featuring Carolyn Kindle Betz – owner of our MLS soccer team and a team scarf giveaway to all attendees
  • Started a DEI Committee that held two virtual events.
  • We broke our own record for sponsorship support in 2021
  • We achieved the CREW Trifecta and we also believe we have achieved the CREW trifecta more than any chapter.  
  • We have a significant number of chapter members who made it to the national leadership level – we counted at least four, maybe more!
  • We have several network award winners in the Chapter.
  • A large percentage of members have been in CREW-St. Louis for less than five years (like 60%) 
  • Great launch to DEI, focus on slow but steady growth in other demographics. And we keep pushing to improve reporting of our Demographic information 
  • Our mentor program has been a success for years – we had 12 new pairings in 2021
  • WE might be the only chapter with a Trivia Night which raised $8,000 for CREW Network Foundation in 2021 (our 3rd annual)
  • CREW-St. Louis really pivoted with the virtual environment: the number of events we hosted, and the new members sponsors we generated were phenomenal. We also kept our budget positive.
  • CREW-St. Louis had record-breaking attendance at Leadership Summit held in St. Louis (330), also the strongest chapter showing at Convention and had the most attendees sponsored by the chapter. 
  • Local trends - Urban redevelopment/innovation districts/Academic Medical institutions/our new stadium and all the growth around/ senior living/multi-family/cannabis.

Members, we encourage you to make the most of your membership and get involved! Whether it be planning events or bragging on your CREW-St. Louis friends, there’s a place for everyone! Check out the Committee pages on our website to learn more about the many opportunities to get plugged in! Be sure to reach out to the Chair and Co-Chair of these committees to learn more!