Power of CREW

February 19, 2022

Speed Networking

CREW-St. Louis held its Fourth Annual Speed Networking event on Jan.11. With the ever-changing pandemic, this year called for a virtual format, but did not disappoint when it came to networking opportunities. We loved the feedback we received from several of our members this year: 

“Speed networking is one of my favorite events each year! Even in a virtual format, I love the opportunity to catch up with my CREW friends and meet new members or guests who have joined, says Kirsten Malloy of eddy Design Group. “The suggested questions for each “round” are always great for learning more about attendees personally and professionally.” 

“Despite the need to transition to a full virtual event, I had a great time meeting new members and catching up with old friends,” notes Sharon Henderson of the Lawrence Group. “In one of my ‘rooms,’ two new members met for the first time and really connected! It was terrific watching them get excited about how they could help each other with business leads and resources. In another ‘room’ with old friends, we compared footwear for our virtual call and laughed and laughed.” 

“I continue to be impressed with CREW’s seamless execution of virtual events during the pandemic,” adds Molly Studer of Gershman Commercial Real Estate. “The Speed Networking event attracted members from all experience levels and created small group settings for them to easily engage.”