DEI Reflections

April 26, 2022

DEI Committee Spotlight: Ashley Rice


Ashley Rice
Housing Placement Specialist, St. Patrick’s Center

The DEI Committee also shines a spotlight on one of our wonderful members this issue. Ashley Rice is a Housing Placement Specialist at St. Patrick’s Center, an agency in the heart of downtown St. Louis working to place the un-housed. St. Patrick’s helps almost 4,000 people a year find safe and stable living arrangements.
When Ashley was little, her grandmother worked for St. Patrick’s Center, and she instilled in her granddaughter a passion for real estate and economic development. Ashley joined CREW-St. Louis in May 2021 and hopped right on to the DEI Committee where she has been an absolute asset.
Ashley thrives in an environment that she describes as one in which confident women support one another both professionally and personally. She also gives a special shout-out to Lynn Goessling, who Ashley met at one of her first CREW-St. Louis events. Lynn left an impression on Ashley as a “true rockstar!” 
Ashley loves to travel, and will be heading to Liberia, West Africa, in the fall for a mission trip. In addition to her mission work, her “day job” at St. Patrick’s and being active in CREW-St. Louis, Ashley is part of ULI’s Young Leader Group and Tennessee State University’s St. Louis Alumni Association. She also serves as Chair of J.C. Movement Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to religious outreach, education, science and art programming. We are so lucky to have welcomed Ashley to our chapter last spring!