Planting Roots, Building a Better Community

April 29, 2022

Planting Roots, Building a Better Community

Sharon and Jamie Henderson conceived an idea when determining where to plant their roots, literally and figuratively. 

 “After many road trips with portfolios in hand looking for ‘somewhere else’ to land, we ended up moving into the family home and Jamie took over the family business (Henderson Associates Architects) in Edwardsville despite the effort to move away! Does it sound a bit like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life?’ Well, it is!” Sharon says.

However, Edwardsville was missing something important as part of their move.

 “After visiting Dane County Farmer’s Market in Madison, WI, we decided if we moved to a town without a farmers’ market, we would create one where we landed.” So, the Hendersons created The Land of Goshen Community Market. It serves more than as a farmer’s market; it also became a community center for activity and interaction, a place to support local businesses and an educational forum for consumers to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown and prepared foods and products.

Those roots are now firmly planted as The Land of Goshen Community Market enters its 26th Season. Starting on May 7 and every Saturday morning through mid-October, the market opens at 8:00 a.m. and welcomes visitors and shoppers until noon. 

 “We are approaching the season with optimism and organizing opening as it was pre-pandemic with no COVID modifications,” Sharon says. “If you are ever in need of a Saturday morning activity, please check out The Land of Goshen Community Market in Downtown Edwardsville!”

You can learn more and plan you Homegrown Saturday Morning at The Land of Goshen Community Market website.