Where’s Your CREW 

August 21, 2022

The 2nd Annual Psychology of Self Promotion: Building Self-Awareness, Positivity and Leadership

What a positive and self-satisfying event! Approximately 40 members and industry professionals attended this free event held at the beautiful Capes Sokol office in Clayton. The views were breathtaking as everyone networked, ate and listened to three impactful speakers: Katie Magoon, Jerry Kendrick and Wes Hoffman. 

Katie Magoon with The People Solutions Center carries a strong track record of collaborating with clients to develop results-driven strategic solutions, achieving business goals and ultimately increasing profits. She helped us all recognize our everyday unconscious biases and focused a microscope to dissect those biases. Implicit or unconscious bias happens when our brains make quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realizing it. She asked, “How do we connect with people without assumptions. We make 11 judgements in the first seven seconds of meeting someone!” Katie encouraged everyone to meet people who are “NOT like you.” The more you do things outside your comfort zone (different industries and occupations), the more likely you are to lose those biases.

Jerry Kendrick, currently working on his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Design, has been studying cognitive neuroscience and its connections to best practices for leadership and developing cultural proficiency in the workplace. His expertise, and humor, helped our group understand leadership that creates a shift in workplace culture. Jerry focused on the role of a leader, how to “stay awake” and speak up, and to use that leadership role to recognize hidden biases and create a more welcoming workplace for all. 

Wes Hoffman, founder of Treehouse Network Shop and 314 Punk, is an entrepreneur, musician, community builder, podcaster and overall believer in the power of positivity. Boy, could you feel the positivity! Wes emphasized the importance of self-awareness. The more you can learn about yourself, the better your business will be. You are the most important person in your life. Meditation, books, new classes, travel, relationships and similar methods are key tools to build self-awareness. These methods will only improve your own self-discovery. Get to the root of the problem and then learn to let go! 

We all left feeling positive and more aware of our surroundings, ready to be better leaders. “This event was very relevant to both my professional and personal life. I normally shudder to think about self-promotion, but it was refreshing to talk about the topic with an emphasis on self-awareness and improving diversity, equity and inclusion in our networks.”, said Sam Lang. 

We thank Capes Sokol and the Communications Committee for hosting a beautiful event. Also, thank you to CI Select and Shaw Contract for the refreshing bar!