Where’s Your CREW - Hoffmann Winery Tour

October 24, 2022

Views, Wine and Character

The Hoffmanns had a specific goal in mind when acquiring wineries in our area: Make Augusta an attraction and enhance its character. 

Augusta, Balducci, Montelle and Mt. Pleasant Estates wineries have been acquired. While we couldn’t tour all four wineries, we were fortunate enough to visit three. Part of the group visited Balducci, enjoying the wonderful open field views with a gorgeous old barn as one of the backdrops. Turn around and you see rolling hills of grape vines. 

The remaining part of the group visited Montelle. Don’t let the steep incline scare you away as you drive up – the views make it worthwhile. It sits on the side of a hill overlooking hundreds of beautiful rolling acres. 

Our final stop was at Mt. Pleasant Estates. The Hoffmanns brought the oldest winery in Augusta back to life with original colors painted on the buildings. That color to be exact is pink. It offers just as lovely views as the other wineries, but the historic buildings and renovations put a cherry on top. 

Besides the attraction of the updated wineries, a 12-hole golf course is in the works. And if you don’t care for golf, take a two-hour cruise planned on the Miss Augusta. 

CREW-St. Louis attendees greatly appreciated the time and generosity of the Hoffmann staff. The CREW-St. Louis crowd received sage advice on visiting all the wineries: Hop on the trolly at Montelle that visits each location and comes around every 30 minutes. 

Whether you are planning a weekend date, trip with friends or a quick getaway for the day, the wineries offer views, plenty of wine and character to go along with it.