Power of CREW


October 24, 2022

CREW-St. Louis | Deep Dive on the Strategic Plan

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” That insight by Will Rogers, American performer, humorist and social commentator, dovetails with the chapter’s strategic plan. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, CREW-St. Louis has constantly evolved, ever mindful of its mission, to stay on track by moving forward.
Adopted in March after an extensive two-day retreat attended by the 12 members of the Executive Board, the Strategic Plan identifies three key priorities to steer the chapter’s direction over the next three to five years.
Stacey Kamps, Chapter President, outlined the process and priorities during a Zoom session in May:
  1. Enhance the Quality of Member Experiences
  2. Refresh and Refine Operations
  3. Integrate DEI into the Culture
 We are now sharing more detailed information on each of the three key components, including execution, responsibilities and metrics. Last issue, we took a deep dive into Enhancing the Quality of Member Experiences. In this issue, we look at how the chapter plans to focus on Refreshing and Refining Operations.
This priority centers on a comprehensive overview of the chapter’s functions and needs. Internal processes will be further documented so volunteers spend more time focusing on the tasks at hand rather than on figuring out how to accomplish these. 
There are four key areas in refreshing and refining operations:
  • Evaluate and refine the chapter’s operations.
  • Develop and document the chapter’s processes.
  • Clearly deliver on the chapter's strategic direction
  • And simplify and train on the chapter's technology.
 Execution remains key. To manage the necessary tasks, the components are in a quarterly set of tasks and worksheets have been developed to track progress. Committees, along with their respective Advisory Board member, are developing appropriate methods and measurements to achieve the goals. The Board then meets quarterly to review and revise the plan’s progress.
In the second quarter of 2022, the tasks focused on evaluating technology enhancements, with a major revamp of the chapter’s website in progress. Other accomplishments toward this priority include:
  • The chapter instituted a revised nomination process, with next year’s Board, Advisory Board and Committee Chairs already in place with the election held on Aug. 9. 
  • The chapter’s bylaws also were updated during the August Business Meeting. 
  • The chapter created an RFP process to transition our local administrative services.
  • Authority Parameters now empower Committees, so they do not need to go to the Executive Board for every decision. This also frees up our Executive Board to use meetings for more strategic discussions.
Committees are creating how-to manuals so future Committee Chairs and volunteers have a blueprint for completing activities such as delivering this newsletter. Work continues to encourage members to update their demographic information on CREWBiz. This will assist the DEI Committee in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the chapter’s makeup and subsequent needs to accomplish its goals. 
You can play an instrumental role in ensuring the Strategic Plan continues to guide the chapter’s vitality and success. Get involved. Make an impact by joining a committee. Let’s stay on the right track and make sure we never sit still.