Power of CREW

December 18, 2022

CREW-St. Louis | Deep Dive on the Strategic Plan

Staying ahead means moving forward. CREW-St. Louis plans to do just. After all, you don’t remain a premier organization with 40 years of history without setting a course to stay on top and stay ahead of the changing climate.

That’s why 12 Executive Board Members participated in a two-day Strategic Planning Retreat in early March. The candid and provocative conversations led to a Strategic Plan to stay true to its mission while propelling the chapter forward.

The Strategic Plan identifies three key priorities to steer the chapter’s direction over the next three to five years.

Stacey Kamps, Chapter President, outlined the process and priorities during a Zoom session in May:
  1. Enhance the Quality of Member Experiences
  2. Refresh and Refine Operations
  3. Integrate DEI into the Culture
We are now sharing more detailed information on each of the three key components, including execution, responsibilities and metrics. We took a deep dive into the first two priorities in past newsletters Enhancing the Quality of Member Experiences and Refresh and Refine Operations. In this issue, we look at how the chapter plans to focus on Integrating DEI into the Culture.

This priority has risen to the forefront after establishing a DEI Committee in 2021. It’s always been part and parcel to the mission but places it front and center. Secondly, it dovetails with a change in workers’ aspirations. CREW Network Foundation’s research shows that 75 percent of workers and job applicants view a diverse workforce as important when considering companies and job offers. As Stacey noted in her overview, “We lift as we rise!”

This priority integrates diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into our culture. Three key areas direct the focus of this strategic priority and vision:
  • The DEI Committee continues to engage experts to help us identify minority and underrepresented industry professionals in our community so we can reach out and engage.
  • This provides their insights and voice to further ensure the most impact on the industry, as well as to make sure all members feel welcomed and have the same opportunities.
  • Constantly outlining and communicating the chapter’s initiatives to its members and the industry.
To accomplish this, several tasks have been undertaken. Ribbons identify new members, and outreach continues to ensure newer members are engaged and feel welcomed. All members have been asked to complete demographic data on their CREWBiz profiles. This will assist the DEI Committee in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the chapter’s makeup and subsequent needs to accomplish its goals. Suppliers and venues are reviewed to build diversity in the chapter’s selection process.

Additionally, a robust series of programs and training focus on the importance of DEI and particularly important the role each of us plays in promoting equity in our lives. As examples, three DEI training sessions have been held, each with a focus on specific insights on various elements of this important journey. In December, training relayed establishing actionable goals, objectives and metrics to further ensure improvements and the resulting success of DEI initiatives within companies.

Founded by six pioneering female brokers in 1982, CREW-St. Louis wants to broaden its influence by welcoming all to the CRE industry. The DEI strategic priority now provides a spotlight and launchpad to continue this important work.

You can play an instrumental role in ensuring the Strategic Plan continues to guide the chapter’s vitality and success. Get involved. Make an impact by joining a committee.. Together, we lift as we rise!