Why I Joined CREW-St. Louis

I joined CREW in April 2014, shortly after joining Gray Design Group. I attended CREW programs and met many CREW members. I recognized the value of the organization for my career as a business woman.

Melody Cooper
Project Manager
Gray Design Group

I have been a member for a long time. I became a member in order to learn as much as possible about the real estate industry and to be able to connect with other like-minded women. One of the first CREW events I attended was a CREW Network Convention in Chicago. I remember being blown away by the amount of incredibly intelligent, driven and successful women in our industry. It was an incredibly inspirational event for me.

Amy Rubin
Stock Legal LLC

I am proud to say I joined CREW as a charter member at its infancy. Being one of a handful of ladies who were brokers in 1982, we understood there was strength in numbers and good communications if we wanted to be successful. So we became the most friendly and sharing of competitors and it simply blossomed from there. My first CREW event was a networking lunch, in a back room at a Restaurant called Busch's Grove that no longer exists. My impression was, "Wow, what a bunch of cool gals!” Thank God I have professional buddies now!

Vicki Dolan
Gershman Commercial

I joined CREW about 12 years ago and have loved it ever since. I thought it would be a great opportunity to expand my business circle of commercial real estate customers and partners. There have been so many great events. My favorites are always touring the new commercial projects that have been completed recently.

Kelly Cochran
St. Louis Title

I joined 15 years ago. I was encouraged by a developer to check out CREW-St. Louis to develop new contacts in the real estate market. I loved the idea of women trying to help one another, at various levels in their careers. So often, women compete - this seemed to be a platform to find a mentor, be a mentor and build business contacts and friends.

Julie Drummond
Business Development Manager
Color-Art Integrated Interiors

I became a member in 2002. I was pretty deep in real estate development at the time and I was working on more construction. There were not many women in the mix, but all of the women that I was coming across seemed to be members of CREW-St. Louis. I went to a couple of events and was hooked by the camaraderie of the group. I loved the chance to get to know more women in my field and have a professional “think tank” at my fingertips. The programs were also really good and a fun way to stay up on the latest and greatest projects in the area.

Lynn Thompson Goessling
Partner, Owner
Herzog Crebs LLP

My initial membership with CREW-St. Louis began in the mid-1980s. In the early years, the make-up of CREW-St. Louis was largely female real estate brokers. CREW-St. Louis was a platform to exchange information with fellow female real estate brokers in a largely male field. Some of the friends I made in those early years remain my dear friends today and the majority of them are still engaged in the real estate field. I have worn many hats at CREW through the years and served as Secretary, Program Chair, President, National Delegate, Director, Co-Chair of Awards, etc. I was fortunate to be the President the year that our local CREW-St. Louis chapter joined CREW Network and CREW-St. Louis became a charter member of the organization that now boasts more than 70 member chapters.

Ellen Mannion
Vice President – Commercial Brokerage
Balke Brown Transwestern

While in law school at Washington University, I heard the then CREW-St. Louis President, Marcia Niedringhaus, speak, and I immediately wanted to join CREW. Unfortunately, when I graduated from law school in 2005, I thought I had to be in the real estate industry for 5 years before being able to join CREW. Therefore, I waited until 2010 to join CREW. I didn’t realize I could have received an early membership!

After I joined CREW, the first event I attended was one of the monthly luncheons. I remember thinking – wow, it seems like everyone knows everyone else here, and I barely know anyone! Afterwards, I was determined to meet more members, so I joined the Ambassador’s Committee. I figured that I was bound to meet people and learn lots of names if I handed out name tags at the events!

Angela Drumm
Carmody MacDonald, P.C.

When I joined CREW-St. Louis in 2010, I was lucky enough to attend a Dine-Around event first. It allowed me to meet with a small group of women, and find out more about the organization and events at a more personal level. This led me to want to become more involved so I became a member of the golf committee and then eventually chaired that event for two years. I was a little nervous about taking on such a big task, but had tons of support from fellow CREW-St. Louis members and the board. It was the best experience I could have asked for because I met so many great people along the way, and was really able to get my name known within the organization.

Nicole M. Doeschot, CPA, MSA
Tax Manager
Anders CPAs + Advisors