Annual Business Meeting
2018 Board Slate is Approved & Members Speed Network

November 17, 2017
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Annual Business Meeting

A group of 50 CREW-St. Louis members and guests gathered to approve the 2018 CREW-St. Louis Board Slate and participated in the organization’s first-ever speed networking event.
Held on Oct. 10 at the newly renovated auditorium at the Engineering Center of St. Louis, Lynn T. Goessling with Herzog Crebs LLP, President Elect for 2018, started off by introducing each of the elected Executive and Advisory Board members to stand at the front of the Auditorium. As incoming President, Lynn then motioned for members to vote on approval for the 2018 CREW-St. Louis Board. All nominees received unanimous support.  (View 2018 CREW-St. Louis leadership » )
I am excited about the 2018 CREW-St. Louis Board and all the talent and leadership that the new board will bring to the organization, which will build on great successes achieved in 2017,” says Tracy Howren with UMB Bank, who was elected 2018 CREW Network Delegate.
Howren continues, “I am honored to be a part of the team and look forward to working in 2018 to move our chapter forward in supporting the success of women in commercial real estate in the St. Louis area.
Following the Annual Business Meeting and approval of the 2018 Board, members went on to experience CREW-St. Louis’ first ever speed networking event. Certain members stayed in place at small tables, while other members rotated in an order allowing them to connect with a different member every four minutes. 
Download the speed networking booklet here »
Approximately 50 CREW members participated in our first-ever CREW St. Louis Speed Networking event. At first, registrants seemed a little hesitant and weren’t sure what to expect, but once we started, the group seemed to really enjoy the process. The feedback after the event was very positive,” says Cara McKedy with Remiger Design, the 2017 Chair of the Programs Committee.
Sarah Luem with Capes Sokol comments, “The Speed Networking event was a great chance to get one-on-one conversations with a lot of different people in a single evening.  There was just enough time to learn about the business of your partner, and the booklet that was distributed containing bios of each of the participants made it easy to follow up after the event.”
McKedy adds, “I think members appreciated the opportunity to sit down with other members they may already know or not know as well and get the chance to ask some pointed networking questions that might otherwise feel too forward at a typical happy hour or pre-function.  It also allowed members the chance to network with more people they may typically have the chance to at one of our other events, because the conversations were limited to four minutes each.  Although the conversations were short, hopefully attendees found opportunities for follow-up and continued networking after the event.
While members networked with each other in the Auditorium, interviews for the CREW-St. Louis video shoot were taking place in the hallway.
Tim Sitek, President at Sitek Marketing/Communications comments, “What an evening! The annual business meeting covered more than just electing next year’s board. Besides speed networking, members were interviewed for a special video to both commemorate the chapter’s 35th anniversary and serve as a recruiting tool. Legacy members do a superb job in capturing the history and value of our chapter. The video also captures the thoughts of some younger members who provided insights on the benefits of CREW-St. Louis. Some members make a cameo appearance on the video, too. Andy Warhol look out as CREW members have their minute – or seconds – of fame!
At the end of the evening, members had shared their experiences, memories and benefits of joining the organization for the CREW video shoot. Members also left with many business cards in hand, discovered new business opportunities and developed several relationships.
Howren adds, “I think it is an exciting time for our chapter, as we have tremendous energy from both our newer and longstanding members, which will help our chapter continue to make a greater impact in our industry.
Building a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time. The annual CREW-St. Louis business meeting and speed networking event provided a great opportunity to meet the new leaders and sit down to talk with many other amazing like-minded individuals,” says Shane Harris, Director of Business Development at G&W Engineering.

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