The Power of CREW

March 21, 2018
Written by: CREW-St. Louis

Mentorship Program Kicks Off

CREW St.-Louis has launched our first formal mentorship program this year! Applications were accepted through March and the initial pairs of mentors and mentees have been notified.

Chapter President, Lynn Goessling, was determined to provide our members with a mentorship program during her tenure. She formed a small task force, and enlisted Karen Karwoski to spearhead the effort with the help of Member Services Chair Christy Merdinian. In addition to these three, task force members included industry veterans – Vicki Dolan, Sharon Henderson, Stacey Kamps, Erin Valentine and Michelle Yates – to bring a diversity of experience with similar efforts.

With the funding and support of CREW Foundation, the small task force has worked diligently to develop a program that will maximize the benefit to our members and facilitate their professional growth and development. The highlight of the program is a structured mentorship program developed by CREW Foundation that provides pairs with a regular mentoring conversation agenda and activities.

Stay tuned to hear from the mentors and mentees in this year’s program and look for applications to open early 2018 for the next opportunity to take advantage of this unique chapter benefit.

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