Power of CREW

August 22, 2022

CREW-St. Louis | Deep Dive on the Strategic Plan

In our last newsletter, we shared an outline of our chapter’s strategic plan for the next three years. Now, we’d like to take a deeper dive into each of the three key priorities as we enter the latter half of 2022. 
  1. Enhance the Quality of Member Experiences
  2. Refresh and Refine Operations
  3. Integrating DEI into the Culture
This month we dive into Enhancing the Quality of Member Experiences. The focus builds on ensuring members have access to impactful programs and networking opportunities. Additionally, this will require constant evaluation of all opportunities to engage members.

The St. Louis chapter has seen significant growth in the past few years, despite a global pandemic. With this growth comes the need to evaluate and update the manner in which our chapter functions to give members the best possible experience. We currently have 272 members across over 29 fields of the CRE industry. While we all align with the mission to “transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally,” each member likely has their own goals for membership. Over the next three years, as we work to better align with our strategic plan, we hope that each member is fulfilled in their experiences – be it networking, programming, mentoring, etc! 

Each of our key priorities is broken down into quarterly tasks for the first year that are carried out by the CREW-St. Louis Executive and Advisory boards. To help enhance the quality of member experiences, CREW-St. Louis will: 
  1. Release “save-the-dates" at least three months in advance, ultimately leading to an overview calendar for all things CREW-St. Louis. 
  2. Create a feedback survey for use after Programs. 
  3. Develop accountability parameters for the Advisory Board to use within committees.
  4. Facilitate more member introductions.
  5. Share a standard “CREW Bio” with speakers so they are familiar with the group they are speaking to. 
  6. Host a volunteer workshop in Q4. 
As we move closer to the end of 2022 (only four months left!), we will continue to cross these action items and any others that present themselves off our list, continually evaluating our progress. Are you interested in getting involved in CREW-St. Louis’ impact? Join a committee and help us “transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally!”